You can speak as well as you’ve always wanted. 

New Techniques make it Easier and Faster.


Reesa Woolf, PhD will train You to be an engaging speaker who moves people to action.  
Author of # 1 bestseller Executive Speaking in a Weekend.


Public Speaking is a learnable skill.

 Reesa Woolf is one of the most respected and exceptional mentors in the world today.”                 Anne Aloisio, United Nations, Rome

Executive Speaking

Work with Reesa Woolf, PhD and you will:

  • be a noticeably better speaker
  • control anxiety
  • know how to efficiently prepare and organize content to hold attention
  • learn where to find and how to deliver stories & other Support materials
  • feel confident with Q & A sessions and Impromptu talks
  • handle interruptions well
  • have dramatically improved stage presence and charisma, and look professional even in stressful situations
  • be media savvy

Reesa Woolf, PhD has 20 years experience, 3,000 clients…and a great sense of humor.

Reesa Woolf is the mentor who business people dream of – Expertise shared clearly and a commitment to the mentee’s career as well as in speaking.” Jack Gray, Bank of America

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“Executive Speaking in a Weekend is the go-to practical reference for becoming a great speaker.  David Rector, Nielsen Ratings International

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