Public Speaking is a learnable skill.

Reesa Woolf, PhD has trained 3,000 corporate professionals to be engaging speakers who move people to action.  Author of # 1 bestseller Executive Speaking in a Weekend.


You can speak as well as you’ve always wanted.  New Techniques make it Easier and Faster.

Reesa Woolf is one of the most respected and exceptional mentors in the world today.”                 Anne Aloisio, United Nations, Rome

Executive SpeakingWork with Reesa Woolf, PhD and you will:

  • be a noticeably better speaker
  • be interesting, no matter how dull the material
  • know how to efficiently prepare and organize content to hold attention
  • learn where to find and how to deliver stories & other Support materials
  • control anxiety
  • feel confident with Q & A sessions and Impromptu talks
  • handle interruptions well
  • have dramatically improved stage presence and charisma, and look professional even in stressful situations
  • be Media savvy

Reesa Woolf, PhD has 20 years experience, 3,000 clients…and a great sense of humor.

Reesa Woolf is the mentor who business people dream of – Expertise shared clearly and a commitment to the mentee’s career as well as in speaking.” Jack Gray, Bank of America

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“Executive Speaking in a Weekend is the go-to practical reference for becoming a great speaker.  David Rector, Nielsen Ratings International

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 How often have your heard yourself say…

     “They go off on tangents or give too much detail even after repeatedly being asked not to.”
     Never again. They will know how to edit each talk and conversation, focus and get to   points quickly. They currently think everything is important!
     “I can’t put them in front of the Board or Customers because of their unpredictable communication skills.”
     They will rapidly be interesting via engaging writing, voice-highlighting important ideas and courageous body language.
     “I admire that they speak English as a second language. But we miss some words.”
     Immediate improvement. Each person will be a noticeably more articulate speaker.  Accents are fine when everyone understands 100% of what is said.
     “Salespeople know the material but do not keep a professional presence in every situation.”
     That will change. They will close & retain more deals after fine-tuning preparation, body language, voice and listening skills.
     “How do I suggest this seminar and not insult people?”
     It’s simple. Suggest an Advanced Communication Seminar as a career enhancer for top performers.

And ~

  • Each participant will receive a Personal Plan for Improvement so you can hold them accountable!
  • All will know how to coach and improve their own and others’ writing and delivery.
    Executives, Sales and Tech are able to move prospects, decision makers and teams to action.
  • Customer relationships are noticeably stronger. Customer satisfaction improves.
  • Employees move the company forward or backward each time they speak.    Clear communication is learnable.
               “Dr. Woolf’s mentoring was better than any other public speaking course I have ever taken. She has remarkable experience.” ~ Nicholle McNeice, Director, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania